Baked Orange Sweet Potatoes

Baked Orange Sweet Potatoes

This is the best sweet potatoes you will ever have! Seriously!

We made a batch this morning and it’s gone already, making another one.

Add this beta carotene goodness to your order today or whenever you can and let’s get baking.

Simple instructions

1. Thoroughly scrub your sweet potatoes -(they come from the farm, we clean them as much as we can, but please scrub them as the skin will be eaten).

2. Sprinkle olive oil on them. Get your foil ready on the baking tray. Heat your oven

3. Prickle the potatoes with a fork to allow heat escape when cooking.

3. Put tray in oven, leave for 30-45 minutes

4. Remove from oven, slice open, add butter (optional). You can sprinkle salt and pepper on it

How to eat

1. It’s fine on it’s own
2. You can eat with a side sautéed veggies and/or chilli sauce
3. Just like old times, you can fry pepper and onions in good palm oil and eat with it.

The preference here was number 3. 😊

This is a must-try recipe, full of goodness and sooo delicious!
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